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    An independent antiques and collectibles education, information, and research service

    Harry L. Rinker, LLC, dba Rinker Consulting offers a variety of services to the antiques and collectibles community among which are:

    Appraisal Services:

    Harry L. Rinker, LLC offers a full range of antiques and collectibles appraisal services ranging from walk-through oral appraisals to all types of written appraisals.

    Book and Publication Services:

    Harry L. Rinker, LLC edits and authors reference books and general and specific price guides covering a wide range of antiques and collectibles topics. It offers a full range of services including: (1) manuscript preparation, (2) editing and proofing, (3) accuracy review, and (4) typesetting services. Able to work with a wide range of computer software, Rinker Consulting uses Microsoft Word, QuarkXpress, and Adobe Photoshop as its principal in-house software.

    Harry L. Rinker, LLC recruits books for publishers. It works with authors to develop viable book proposals, serves as house editor for authors as they prepare their manuscript, and assists authors in the self promotion of their books once they are published.

    Columns and Articles:

    Harry L. Rinker, LLC prepares Rinker on Collectibles, a self-syndicated weekly column, and several monthly and bi-monthly columns. It also contracts for one-time rights articles for national and regional magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals on an on-demand basis.

    Consulting Services:

    Rinker Consulting serves a select group of corporate and private clients in the areas of collection management, valuation, and market analysis.

    Rinker Consulting works within the insurance industry to develop and promote fine arts coverage, critically reviews fine arts riders, combats fraudulent claims, and instructs underwriters and claim agents about how the antiques and collectibles market functions and value within the marketplace is determined. "What You Need to Know About Insuring Antiques and Collectibles," a three-hour seminar for insurance agents and underwriters developed in cooperation with the Insurance Society of Philadelphia, is offered nationwide.

    Educational Services:

    Harry L. Rinker, LLC has available a wide variety of antiques and collectibles lectures and seminars, ranging in length from thirty minutes to two days.

    Harry L. Rinker, LLC also owns the Institute for the Study of Antiques and Collectibles, currently in hiatus, which is dedicated to providing education services and conducting research in the antiques and collectibles field.

    Internet Services:

    Harry L. Rinker, LLC offers its expertise to Internet companies with an antiques and collectibles focus.

    Media Services:

    Harry L. Rinker, LLC offers talent and consulting services for radio and television shows. Currently, Harry L. Rinker hosts WHATCHA GOT?, a nationally syndicated antiques and collectibles call-in radio show.

    Harry L. Rinker is available for guest appearances on radio and television and for print media interview.

    Personal Appearance Services:

    Harry L. Rinker, president and owner of Harry L. Rinker, LLC, does personal appearances ranging from appraisal clinics to seminars for a wide variety of clients such as antiques shows, Home and Garden Shows, colleges and universities, community organizations, and the media.

    Spokesperson Services:

    Harry L. Rinker is willing to act as a spokesperson or endorser for products and projects.